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EasiDeck Prefab Deck Kits

Build a deck anywhere with EasiDeck prefab deck kits. If you're always on the move or if budgets and local building codes prevent your deck dreams from becoming reality, EasiDeck has you covered.

No-tools-required Construction for Our Portable Deck Kits!

No matter which of our prefab decks you choose, they're all constructed basically the same way:

  • The foundation is made of support beams attached to a mesh landscape backing.

  • Each support beam attaches to floor panels with industrial Velcro fasteners.

  • No tools, screws or extra fasteners are required.

During construction, we pressure-treat each piece so it stands up to transportation and weathering. Once assembled, there are no exposed fasteners or seams.

Take and Build Your Deck Kits Anywhere

With flexible mesh backing and rope handles, you can roll up our travel decks and take them anywhere. Though we offer travel decks in multiple sizes, many kits fit in a mid-sized sedan. That makes them perfect as:

  • Condo decks

  • RV decks

  • Gazebo decks

  • Decks for temporary housing and rentals

No matter where you set up home, our prefab decks come along. As long as the ground is relatively flat, it can be built on grass, gravel, sand, concrete and a wide range of other surfaces.

Easy Expansion To Fit Any Need

All of our deck kits are made of 2'11" X 2'11" flooring squares. Depending on which kit you choose, the foundation is cut to a particular size.

However, if you need gazebo decks at home and smaller portable patio decks for the road, simply disassemble the section you need and take it with you.

EasiDeck's prefab deck kits work well with tents and other shading structures for a gazebo anywhere you want it. Planning a family reunion? Want a barbecue platform you can take anywhere? Let EasiDeck be your portable patio of choice. Explore our prefab decks and find one perfectly suited to you.

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