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Condo Patio Deck Kit - 8' 6" (259 cm)  X  5' 7" (170 cm)

Condo Patio Deck Kit - 8' 6" (259 cm) X 5' 7" (170 cm)

Make your condo a homier place with the EasiDeck condo patio deck. If you enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle of condo living but feel restricted by a small, uncomfortable outdoor area, a deck kit is your best solution.


Easy Setup on Any Landscape

Whether your condo is surrounded by grass, gravel, concrete or dirt, our condo patio deck lays flat. Roll out the mesh-backed foundation and build it in minutes. With our patented industrial Velcro fasteners, you can attach the wooden flooring panels without tools, screws, levels or extra support beams.


Need To Expand Your Condo Deck? No Problem!

While each condo deck kit is a fixed size, the EasiDeck condo patio deck includes an expansion kit that's as easy to build as the condo deck itself. Simply roll out the foundation next to your condo deck and build it the same way. You'll have more room for:

  • Barbecues
  • Sunbathing
  • Entertaining friends and family
  • Beautiful outdoor potted plants and trellises


If your condo living room is too cramped for parties and your outdoor space is limited, the EasiDeck condo deck adds value and space without expensive construction.


After disassembly, it can be rolled up and stored with the flooring panels in closets, garages or even under large beds.


Strong, Seamless Construction

Our condo deck kit is built with beautiful wooden flooring panels. During manufacturing, each panel is built upside down. That means there are no exposed fasteners to catch toes, cut feet or make your new deck uneven. Once assembled on a relatively flat surface, it's even and seamless.


Each flooring panel is pressure-treated. It stands up to repeated weathering, usage, transportation, assembly and disassembly. 


Dimensions and Additions

After assembly, the EasiDeck condo deck is:

  • 5'7" X 5'7" with just the quad condo patio deck kit
  •  8'3" X 5'7" with the double-deck expansion
  • 2.5" off the ground

Soak up the sun on an EasiDeck condo patio deck. You deserve a sunny space to relax!

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