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Patio Sun Deck Kit - 11' 2" (340 cm)  X  5' 7" (170 cm)

Patio Sun Deck Kit - 11' 2" (340 cm) X 5' 7" (170 cm)

Our patio sundeck kits are created from two Quad Deck Kits. Ideal for medium yards.   Large enough for two regular patio chairs and a table and a BBQ. Deck Tiles are attached to the foundation with our patented Velcro system. 


Therefore you need two tools:  a Tape measure and a screwdriver!   Our deck kits can be installed over lawns, gravel, broken concrete etc. Just needs to be a reasonably flat surface. Our foundation design does the rest.

  • Assembly

    • Assembles easily with only two tools
    • Floor has no exposed fasteners, only the beauty of wood
    • Foundation is pre-set and pre-sized, roll it out and you are on to the next step
    • Landscape mess included and attached, no weeds!
    • Deck is pressure treated after cutting and drilling, no exposed ends
    • Packages can be combined to build any size ground level deck within 35″ length or width
  • Assembled Dimensions

    Width 5' 7" (67") X Length 11' 2" (134") X 3" Height

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