Quad Patio Deck Kit

Quad Patio Deck Kit

The Quad Patio Deck Kit is an ideal solution for your backyard. Pressure-treating the wood after cutting but before assembly provides confidence in the longevity of your new.


The EasiDeck foundation comes with boards attached to the landscaping mesh. The base is pre-sized and ready to roll out and be assembled! You'll love how simple our products are to build. The pressure-treated rim boards and deck tile flooring fit together seamlessly. 


Our best assembly time is 16 minutes. Can you beat it? Do you need a larger deck than our 5'7" by 5'7" patio deck? Be a Tetris deck master and build whichever size you like by adding our base deck, single and double extensions in any combination.

  • Assembly

    • Assembles easily with only two tools
    • Floor has no exposed fasteners, only the beauty of wood
    • Foundation is pre-set and pre-sized, roll it out and you are on to the next step
    • Landscape mess included and attached, no weeds!
    • Deck is pressure treated after cutting and drilling, no exposed ends
    • Packages can be combined to build any size ground level deck within 5'7" Length and 5'7" Width X 3" in Height
  • Assembled Dimensions

    Width 5' 7" (67") X Length 5' 7" (67") X Height 3"