Super 14 Patio Deck Kit

Super 14 Patio Deck Kit

The Super 14 Gazebo Deck is the ultimate deck. Pressure-treating the wood after cutting but before assembly provides confidence in the longevity of your new EasiDeck product. 
Combining four patio deck kits, four double extension kits, and a single extension kit, the Super 14 package creates a large 14′ 1" X 14′ 1" deck. In addition, the deck can accommodate a 14′ X 12′ Gazebo. 


The EasiDeck foundation comes with boards attached to the landscaping mesh. The base is pre-sized and ready to roll out and screw together! You'll love how simple it is to assemble. The pressure-treated rim boards and deck tile flooring fit together seamlessly. 


Our deck tiles are manufactured upside down, forming a 32" by 32" square to prevent exposed fasteners. Assembly requires a screwdriver and a hammer. Our patented EasiDeck system is all you need for a perfect Ontario summer. So add some furniture & gather your friends, it's time to enjoy outdoor living.

  • Assembly

    • Assembles easily with only two tools
    • Floor has no exposed fasteners, only the beauty of wood
    • Foundation is pre-set and pre-sized, roll it out and you are on to the next step
    • Landscape mess included and attached, no weeds!
    • Deck is pressure treated after cutting and drilling, no exposed ends
  • Assembled Dimensions

    Width 14' 2" X Length 14' 2" X Height 3"