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Portable RV Deck Kits

Make anywhere your front yard with the EasiDeck portable RV deck. Perfect for RV parks, campsites, tiny homes, rentals, and temporary housing for military personnel, this prefab deck kit makes any space feel a little more like home.

No Tools Required

To set up this RV deck kit, roll the foundation out on the ground. Its simple yet innovative construction makes it great for:

  • Grass

  • Gravel

  • Concrete

  • Dirt

  • Beaches

  • Any somewhat flat surface

Place the pre-fabricated deck tiles on the foundation with our patented industrial Velcro system. No fasteners, screws, or tools are required. Each foundation is a set size. So there's no need for levels or tape measures, either.

Take It Anywhere

The foundation boards are attached to a landscape mesh backing. When rolled up, it fits in most mid-sized sedans, campers, and RV storage compartments. Setting up your RV deck kit is as easy as carrying the foundation and wooden tiles to your site of choice with convenient rope handles.

When it comes time to head out, this deck disassembles in as little time as it takes to set it up, which is only minutes!

Clean, Durable Construction

Each wood RV deck tile is pressure-treated. As a result, this portable RV deck kit stands up to repeated assembly, disassembly, weather, and transportation no matter where your journey takes you.

During construction, we make the wood deck tiles upside down. That means there are no exposed fasteners or supports which makes your deck even. This RV deck kit is smooth and comfortable as long as it's set up on a flat surface.

Portable Deck Dimensions

When fully assembled, each deck is:

  • 96 inches X 64 inches (8 feet X 5 feet 4 inches)

  • Two and a half inches high

  • Made up of 32-inch X 32-inch square deck panels


Are you hosting a more significant event? Need more room for furniture and friends? Combine multiple EasiDeck portable RV decks for long-lasting fun anywhere you call home.

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